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Welcome to Lancaster Works


Lancaster Works makes use of unique online tools designed to make Lancaster County a great place to live and work. 

Our goal is to improve Lancaster County's employment outlook by documenting the current skill sets of the workforce and coordinating the development of those skills to match with current and future job opportunities.  By doing this, our community can create Work Ready employees who thrive in a Work Ready Community.

Lancaster Works, in partnership with members of Carolinas Literacy Network and stakeholders of the Work Ready Community certification process, will:

  1. Assess the skills possessed by job seekers and assess the skills required by employers to perform jobs,
  2. Train job seekers to perform at the skill level required by employers,
  3. Match available job seekers to available jobs by matching skills possessed to skills required,
  4. Place job seekers into those available jobs by preparing them for employment and coordinating their availability with employers’ needs, and
  5. Track the job seeker from the initial interaction with Lancaster Works until at least 1 year after training completion to ensure long term employment and satisfaction with services.

Initial assessments to determine candidates’ education level will result in redirection, if needed, to the appropriate educational program (i.e. basic skills remediation, LC Adult Ed). 

Placement services are coordinated with SC Works and employment agencies such as Phillips Staffing.


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